This is the section where the tactics for each stage will be described,helping you to beat the game, especially on hard :)
It it currently under construction.

Stage 1 - From Guardian Heroes HQ to Graveyard

At the start of this stage stay in the building as long as possible to gain a few levels which you will need for the
extra Max HP they provide. Be especially careful here with Randy or Nicole as you will start with such low HP
a couple of lucky hits from the soldiers might kill you. Stay far to the left and immediately set upon anyone
who comes onto the screen and quickly best them before another soldier appears. Do not use the back row as
firebombs are periodically thrown in and they might hit you, damaging you quite badly.

Once out of the building and out on the street you have the usual soldiers to contend with along with the
tougher knights who block a lot and fire lightning the full length of the screen! If you are a long way
from one, approach them from another plane to avoid getting shocked. Throws can work well on them but
aerial attacks and magic are probably the best way to go.

Now you enter the graveyard...