Our story starts with Han, the leader of the Guardian Heroes recovering one of the swords they've been looking for for so long, the legendary Heroes sword. The kingdom is in the process of supressing an uprising by a resistance of civilians against Kanon's rule and things aren't even holding together within the walls of the kingdoms castle as the princess has become a runaway and their chief knight, Valgar is over-eager to suceed his father as king.


Just as the Heroes are relaxing after a job well done, in bursts a royal knight of the kingdom named Serena, warning the heroes of and imminent attack by Kanon's soldiers who are looking for the sword. Before they even have time to react, the soldiers start firebombing their hq so they are forced to flee out of town. They try to flee to the resistance fighters' village but are forced back by the soldiers to the graveyard.


When they get to the graveyard, the undead are spontaneously rising from the grave! After easily dispatching them with their new weapon they come across Valgar and a royal magic weapon robot, and they realise how serious Kanon must be on retreiving the sword. Just as it seems the Heroes are to be defeated by the robot, a huge undead warrior with golden armour rises, steals Hans sword and destroys the robot in one strike. Valgar escapes but the Heroes are left wondering why the dead are rising from the grave and why the undead golden warrior is helping them.


The Heroes set off for the kingdoms castle, hoping to find out more about the sword and undead hero. Along the way they meet some friends and many enemies as a gang of thieves and almost every squad of the kingdoms knights try to retrieve the sword. They fend them all off and head toward the kingdoms main castle.


The Guardian Heroes force entry into the castle and after battling hard against fierce resistance they finally meet Kanon, the ruler of the kingdom. He tells the Heroes that there is more to the current situation than meets the eye. There are Earth spirits and sky spirits battling for control over the humans of the land and that the sword is one of the legendary swords created by the Earth spirits as a gift to the humans for their allegiance. It turns out that the sky spirits wield great magics and that Kanon has allied himself with them which is why he has become such a great sorceror and the earth spirits wield tremendous strength which they have imparted into the legendary swords. Kanon then goes on to tell the heroes that he has disposed of the current royal family, the Khans, in order to take the leadership for himself. Serena, being the daughter of the Khans, can take no more and demands action be taken. The rest of the story is up to you, the players of the game.