Very easy to do, this cheat gives you 98 continues when playing the game on the hard difficulty setting. Simply start the game with the difficulty set to easy, complete the first stage and then switch the game off. Since it saves your progress it will have the option to load your game with 98 continues on the title screen. Go into the options menu, change the difficulty to hard and then load the saved game. Voila! 98 continues to use against the hardest AI the computer has to offer. You can also use the same tactic to get 98 continues for the normal difficutly if you feel you need them.


This cheat isn't 100% reliable but it enables you to fight enemies over and over to get to whatever experience level you want. Once you have completed the game, start a new game and get to the third stage (either the forest, town, or resistance village depending on your choice). Jump to the back plane and run to the far right of the level as fast as possible. Right near the end should be a wooden sign in the back plane, stand next to it and the screen *should* fade to black, taking you to an arena where you can continue fighting enemies until you decide you want to leave. Level 190 here I come! :)


This is the best cheat and the most difficult to activate. First you must go to the options screen. Then, highlight the exit option at the bottom and hold X, B and Z on the controller then hold down on the D-pad. The option selector will keep rapidly changing between all the options. Now the hard bit, while keeping all the other buttons held down, you must press A just as it starts to highlight the DIP switch option. If you've done it right, you'll enter the options menu and there'll be a new option called 'debug off' Obviously you should set this to on. It's very difficult to get right, so expect to have to try it tens of times but once you have got it right you can do loads of great things to the game.

Once debug is on, the following things happen:

1. You can use the test mode option on the options menu to see all the endings.
2. When you start a new game you are at level 200 and can select starting stage.
3. You have all characters unlocked for versus mode.
4. You can pause the game and use these commands:
R+Start - Skip 1 level
R+A+Start - Skip 2 levels
R+B+Start - Skip 3 levels
R+C+Start - Skip 4 levels
L+R+Start - Go back 1 level
L+R+A+Start - Go back 2 levels
L+R+B+Start - Go back 3 levels
L+R+C+Start - Go back 4 levels
X+Y+Z+Up - Recover all health
X+Y+Z+Down - Lose all health!
L+R then release, then Start - See the collision detection boxes

Good eh!